Raising the Bar at New Standard Sand Lake – A Sandy Situation

Some might say sand gets into everything and then adds, “in the most adorably annoying way.” We agree, but we’ve flipped the narrative at New Standard Sand Lake. We love it in every which way.

Team Sand Lake

Our team thrives on it; the grit under our nails after a heavy workday, the soft crunch underfoot as we stroll on the shoreline, and even those tiny grains that stubbornly refuse to leave your shoe. We embrace it all, setting a new standard for sand and lake appreciation.

Once upon a time, you might have thought sand was merely the stuff of beaches and childhood sandboxes. Well, think again! At New Standard, we’re redefining what it means to have a ‘grainy’ experience.

New Standard: More than Just Sand

We challenge you to join us at our Sand Lake. We promise, it’s not just about the sand. We offer sunsets that’ll make your heart sing, lake views to soothe your soul, and a community of sand enthusiasts ready to welcome you. We’re creating a new sand standard, one grain at a time.