Tap into the Ever-Expanding Opportunities at Altius Dispensary

With ongoing market developments and the continual paddling of opportunities, Altius Dispensary emerged as the rising star in the cannabis industry. Serving two thriving locations, Waukegan, IL and Mundelein, IL, Altius Dispensary has been redefining the cannabis landscape by catering to the diversified demands of its patrons all across Illinois and beyond.

Unleashing Waukegan’s Potential

Our Waukegan, IL branch offers an extensive array of products, efficiently catering to recreational users and medicinal patients alike. Recognized for its superior customer services and high-quality products, Altius Dispensary symbolizes growth, success, and customer satisfaction combined.

Mundelein, IL- A Hub of Opportunities

Turning heads to our Mundelein, IL branch, we have crafted an unparalleled shopping experience for our customers. Providing an envious selection of quality strains, edibles, tinctures, oils and so much more, we aim to make shopping for cannabis a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all.

Having marked its name in two significant areas of Illinois, Altius Dispensary continues to trail-blaze the market with its unwavering commitment and dedication. Marching towards a brighter future and breaking the set stereotypes, the company invites one and all to join them in their journey, indulge in their high-grade products and eventually, help shape the future of the cannabis industry.