Our shipping is 100% effective and in case we fail to deliver ,we give a refund or resend a second package. shipping takes 2-5 days and it may come sooner or later.We deliver within USA and canada and also ship worldwide to most countries like Australia, United kingdom, Iceland France ,Belgium , Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Austria, Portugal, Asian countries and many other countries world wide.
The most important things customers are very concern about are Quality and the Delivery of the products they purchase, for this reason, we have been redirecting most of our resources to ensure a fast and effective delivery schedule. By this way we have special routs and stand by agents in a bid to facilitate our deliveries.
We have long term contracts with the best countries in the world .We are trying to set up ware houses in almost every continent in the future. Our ware houses will be linked to all our major routes of delivery.
We have been able to ensure a safe delivery worldwide limitless of any barriers
With our delivery, we provide accurate tracking which enables you to track and situate your package during delivery from our warehouse to your address. This will in a bid give a clue.
of the departure time and expected .time of arrival at the final destination, we also can provide tracking details in certain cases of same day deliveries within countries or state.
All orders placed and paid for before 2 pm are shipped the same day, Monday to Friday. we do not dispatch on weekends unless there are special considerations, if you have an urgent .
requirement to have an order. shipped same day but have missed this deadline and it is before 4.30 pm. then please inform us and we may still be able to accommodate same day dispatch.
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