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Locomotion is a new strain here at buds2go and is a 70/30 Indica dominant strain. It has a great sweet earthy smell when you smoke it. Between 18%-22% THC this flower will give you a very pleasant relaxed high. Works great for sleep disorders, appetite stimulation, and pain management. Try some in your cart today!!

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Locomotion is an indica-dominant hybrid that makes the best of its prestigious genetics. This strain comes to us from Heroes of the Farm, the same growing collective that created Conspiracy Kush. It is a cross between Blue City Diesel and buzzy sativa Timewreck. The result is a dank bud that offers a long-lasting, stoney high wit some traces of mental acuity. A little bit of Locomotion goes a long way, even for experienced cannabis consumers. This strain’s THC level has been measured at between 15% and 23%.

Locomotion’s flowers are impressively large and chunky in appearance. These buds adhere in the dense, solid bud structure that is characteristic of indica varieties. The leaves curl tightly inward toward their central stems and are a drab, mossy green. Bright orange hairs — which are actually pistils, meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants — wind their way through the dense flowers. Finally, translucent amber-colored trichomes cover the inner and outer surfaces of these buds, giving them an oddly yellow sheen.

When properly cured, Locomotion’s flowers give off the musky scent of damp soil and hash. These earthy notes are undercut by the woodsy scent of fresh pine. Grinding up the sticky blossoms yields a bit of spice and hash. When combusted in a joint or a pipe, Locomotion burns with a surprisingly smooth, palatable smoke. This thick smoke tastes like diesel with a touch of fruit on the exhale.

Locomotion acts quickly for an indica-dominant strain. Almost immediately, users are struck by a trippy, disorienting feeling that points to sensory distortion — most notably, feelings of time dilation set in, as well as an increased sensitivity to light and loud sounds. These altered sensations are accompanied by a gradual increase in physical relaxation that spread down the neck and through the core and limbs like waves. Surprisingly, Locomotion also stimulates mental acuity, allowing smokers to maintain lucidity as their thoughts become free-flowing and uninhibited. This mindset allows for the body to relax under heavy, almost immobilizing relaxation while the mind is allowed to open up and wander. The harmonious balance between this feeling of cerebral concentration and physical sedation is euphoric for many. Provided that they have the necessary energy, smokers are typically able to get work or reading done while under Locomotion’s influence. As the high progresses or as dosage is increased, the strain’s vibe becomes more dreamy; in these later stages, Locomotion is perfect for spacing out and engaging in some introspective solo time. Drowsiness and deep sleep may easily set in. As a result, this strain is best reserved for consumption at night, as it may incapacitate smokers — especially novices — during the day.

Locomotion can also have uses for medical cannabis patients. Its easygoing, unperturbed mood can temporarily counteract the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. As noted, it can induce a restful sleep and thereby serve as an antidote to insomnia. Physiologically speaking, this bud’s sedative power can soothe aches and pains, whether they’re temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like lupus or arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory effects, meanwhile, may lessen everyday irritations like headaches and nausea. Because it does not often lead to the kind of recursive thinking that progresses to paranoia, Locomotion is a good option for patients who have a low THC tolerance or who are prone to panic.

Fortunately for home growers, Heroes of the Farm has made seeds of Locomotion available for sale online. Once obtained, it can be grown indoors or out, although success outdoors calls for a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The plants are easily accommodated indoors, where they grow short and bushy with strong lateral branching. Growers should regularly “top” their crops by pruning back any broad, light-blocking fan leaves that can inhibit the flowering of any low-growing nodes. Locomotion flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors and offers a high yield of flowers at harvest time.

Contrary to the frenetic energy implied by its name, Locomotion is a luxurious strain to smoke at the end of a long day. Friends will thank you if you bring some to share in a small, intimate setting — just be sure to bring enough.

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