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Herijuana is a descendant of a

Humboldt County strain called Petrolia Headstash,

an Indica of Afghani origins and a Kentucky landrace hybrid

(possibly Killer New Haven).

In 2006, Sannie of Sannie’s seeds inherited Herijuana, also called Herojuana,

from Motarebel when the breeder had to take a hiatus from growing.

Motarebel had acquired Herijuana from Woodhorse Seeds and had carefully tweaked the strain to perfection.

Sannie and Motarebel often traded and worked on genetics together,

so it was only natural for him to take the temporarily orphaned strain.

but in 2019 a kushlife user emailed proof that Cory Peak, Inc, a Californian producer,

cultivated Herijuana that was 32.19% THC. It may be thought-provoking and meditative,

and it can alleviate stress and anxiety.

This strain may help regulate mood disorders, including chronic depression.

The numbing effect on the body relieves pain and eases muscle twitches and spasms.

Herijuana may also help with ADD/ADHD, migraines, and arthritis. Eventually,

its sedative effects can put users into a deep sleep.

This strain, which smells like spicy earth, is recommended for growing

indoors but some have had success in cultivating it outdoors.

Herijuana grows anywhere from two to more than three meters

tall and needs between seven and nine weeks to reach harvest.

Fairly resistant to temperature fluctuations, mold, and fungal disease, this strain can be a good choice for beginners.

It can be grown with the Sea of Green, Screen of Green or super cropping techniques. This strain may produce 500 grams or more per square meter.

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