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  • Buy Shrooms Online

  • Step 1:

Be sure to buy quality mushrooms and that you have set aside enough time in a comfortable
setting. Shrooms typically last for about 4-5 hours, with the
peak happening for about two hours, beginning 30-60 minutes
after ingestion. You’ll have a gentle decline 2-3 hours after
taking the mushrooms. You may want to eat before you take
the mushrooms as you may not feel hungry during the

  • Step 2:

Make sure you have the right dose ready. Many people find
that mushrooms can cause stomach upset for the first 60-90
minutes of their experience.

  • Step 3:

Eat or drink the dose. If you eat the mushrooms and don’t like
the taste, you can chew them with peanut butter or some other
flavorful food.

  • Step 4:

Once you take the mushrooms, you’ll have about 30-60 minutes
before the effects are strong. As the effects begin to occur, you
will start to notice a change in your perception of the world. You
may see some slight changes in your visual perception for instance Buy Shrooms Online

  • Step 5:

Once the mushrooms have fully taken effect (60-90 minutes
after you take it), you’ll notice that your thoughts and

emotions feel different. While the effects can vary widely from
person to person and moment to moment, you are likely to
feel some of the following: a sense of wonder and delight,
openness to thoughts and feelings that you usually avoid, a
sense of peace, a sense of connection to the world, clarity
about relationships and people in your life, unity with the
universe, excitement and joy, strong emotions.

  • Step 6:

As you experience this process, try to stay as open to your
feelings and ideas as you can. If you have been depressed or
stressed or anxious, you’ll find that you can still feel those
feelings intensely and they can be very immersive. Don’t forget
to spend some time relaxing into the experience. It’s worth
taking some time just to relax and be present with the
experience without specific goals. As Not only does it give you
relief and relaxation, but you may find that important
realizations arise about issues that you weren’t even expecting
to think about.

  • Step 7:

As the effects of mushrooms start to fade, you will have a
couple hours of gradual reduction in the intensity of the
feelings. This can be a good time to write about your
experience or talk with a friend or loved one about what
you’ve been experiencing.

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