Amnesia haze



THC: 24%

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Amnesia haze

Amnesia haze is one of the most popular in the history of marijuana and the name is almost as popular around the world Amnesia haze.

As other great Dutch as White Widow and Neville’s Haze

There is no doubt that this plant is potent, highly productive and a must have in most dispensaries and clinics.

Amnesia  It has an award-winning history

and a future that is closely

tied to the ruderalis strain

and likely more Cannabis Cup Awards heading its way.

A lot can be said about the Amnesia strain,as there are many

traits that help make this strain so popular.

This strain earns its name with more than

20% THC by mass in many of the plants

(numbers vary between growing conditions)

Like a craft beer, this plant has a stronger effect that goes hand in hand with a wonderfully sweet and fruity aroma of this Sativa-dominated strain.

Sometimes, 90% of Amnesia strains are Sativa and only 10% Indica.

The detailed and expert breeding methods utilized on the processing of creating Amnesia Haze

was the reason that this new strain garnered the 1st place of the Cannabis Cup in 2004,


The Amnesia Haze is usually readily available in coffee shops in the vicinity of the infamous place of Amsterdam,

where it amassed a great number of avid fans and has been an all-time cannabis strain favorite.

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